Our Historic Twin rooms accessorized with Neoteric emotions have two beds and make you experience comfort and luxury. Our Neoteric Twin rooms where the authentic details meet the magnificence, offers a unique comfort by gathering all opportunities for two people under the same roof.

In our rooms where the maximum privilege is experienced, you will feel more special with the 24/7 room service and more entertained and energized with the impressive details of the technology at any moment.
27/ July
27/ July
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You can connect to the internet limitlessly without intermission in our hotel’s rooms that offer free Wi-Fi service and always keep tabs on the developments within life.
You can follow your favorite TV shows any time with our LCD televisions located in our every room and be a part of the entertainment without interruption.
24-Hour Room Service
You can take advantage of any service you ask for all day with our round-the-clock room service and enjoy the moment without ever leaving your room.
Air Conditioner
It’s not you who’s keeping up with the season; it’s vice versa with the air conditioners located in every room at our hotel that will make you feel the family warmth every season.
Coffee Machine
You will feel more vigorous and energized thanks to a variety of coffee flavors every hour of the day with the coffee machine located in our every room.
It will take shorter for you to have a gorgeous appearance while you’re getting for the night by blow drying your hair with the blow-dryer available in our every room.
Personal Bathrobe
You will feel better by making a sterile start to the day with our bathrobe set which are located in our every room and changed every morning.
Personal Cleaning Products
All products that you need for personal cleaning are available in our rooms and are diversified with your health in mind. Everything you need is right beside you for you to start off the day better.
You can get the mouth-pleasing beverages from the minibar located right next to you in our every room and spend productive time.
Your security is of utmost importance for us! You can feel secure with the safes which are located in our every room, and go out with a mind at peace to discover Nişantaşı without interruption.